City Trust Restoration Bridgeport CT

City Trust Restoration Bridgeport CT

Hadley Group LLC, under the leadership of Nancy L. Hadley, exists to make a difference. With high-level managerial experience across the public, private and non-profit sectors, Hadley Group LLC brings a unique set of skills to assist developers, corporations and non-profits. 

Special Informational Alerts:  

1. NEW: Bridgeport Connecticut Development Opportunities: Former Warnaco Factory-330 Myrtle/125 Gregory and former Ostermoor Factory- 304 George Street/Center Street.

2. NEW: Effective January 1, 2012 incentives at the state level will go into effect to stimulate job growth.  A summary of the bill has been prepared by the law firms of Brody and Wilkinson PC and Durant Nichols Houston Hodgson Cortese Costa.  For more information contact Barbara Miller at Brody Wilkinson PC (203) 259-7405 or Chris Hodgson at Durant Nichols Houston Cortese Costa at (203) 337-8257 x257.  Please note that locating in Bridgeport gives businesses higher incentives because it is an emerging market.

3.  The City of Bridgeport has received responses to three Request for Proposals that will positively affect Downtown Bridgeport: 1) Urban Design and Connectivity between the Downtown and Intermodal Transportation Center using $3.2 million of federal FTA funding. 2) a new parking meter system; and 3) the sale of six blocks of city-owned property in the Downtown.  The Bridgeport webpage on this site will update you when the City announces their selections.  

4. 5 Valhalla Avenue North White Plains NY: Petition of Richard Miller to build a new residence. (to view a document please scroll over underlined item and click).   The North Castle Town Planner has issued a memoThe North Castle Town Engineer has issued a memo.  The neighbors met with the Miller team on August 10th and issued minutes of that meeting.  The North Castle Architectural Review Board (ARB)  met on September 14th and approved the design with conditions to enhance landscaping.  40511 Miller submission to ARB 31111 architectural set for residence(new); 82610 architectural set for residence; 60911 third revision to site development plan (sheet 1, sheet 2, sheet 3, sheet 4);61311 gross floor area calculations worksheet and attachment                                     

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Hadley Group LLC adds value in three discrete areas: 

  • Assisting developers and investors meet the challenges of developing real estate in urban areas by capitalizing upon all applicable federal, state and local incentives;
  • Organizational transitioning for entities that want to change direction and improve outcomes; and
  • Identification of ever-emerging philanthropic opportunities. 

This website is designed to give you important links to the major public incentives and resources that will support initiatives in these three areas.  There are over 250 links for you to explore.  If you want to use this information on your own, be our guest. If you need help, Hadley Group LLC can cut through the red tape.  

Hadley Group LLC….making a difference for developers, corporations, and non-profits. 

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